The Center of Attention


2C5E2B98-EDCA-C181-AB64F164FB7C9503_blogimgWhenever we have the opportunity to design a new kitchen, we work to accomplish two main goals for our clients. First, the kitchen must be functionally superior – the workspace must address our client’s needs, preferences, desires and budgets. Depending on the client’s goals, functional requirements that must be considered range from countertop space required for meal preparation to storage requirements for utensils, small appliances, cutlery, plates, cookware, food and everything in between. Continue reading “The Center of Attention”

Designing Your Kitchen – Consider Intended Uses and Users


When designing your kitchen, it’s important to CB520012-FDD4-0D58-4624190A1101DE77consider who will be using the space and for what purposes. Many of our clients want to make their new kitchens kid friendly. For clients with younger children who will be active users of the kitchen we often recommend the following: Continue reading “Designing Your Kitchen – Consider Intended Uses and Users”

Making Space


9BEEF221-A0BD-5BFD-02BC356040E546A7A well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. Regardless of size or configuration, every homeowner enjoys additional storage space. Our clients are delighted when we discover we present opportunities to use space more effectively. In several recent kitchen designs, we have utilized narrow nooks as wine storage, bookcases and pull-out pantries. In other kitchens, we have outfitted narrow nooks with shelving where our clients display pottery, vases, glassware and serving dishes.

Continue reading “Making Space”

Living on the Edge


09A5175C-9795-8B73-D3DBD705215A6F79Building a new kitchen involves a lot of decision making, from how the room will look and feel to the details that make all the difference. Selecting the edge for your countertop is one of those details that can make a huge difference, especially in smaller spaces The edge you select should match the style of your kitchen. Generally, speaking, the most common edges are: Continue reading “Living on the Edge”

Jewelry for Your Kitchen and Bath


D39AB49C-E654-B589-06B1DB70C66A3563Hardware is the “jewelry” of cabinets and doors found in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other locales within the home. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing one or looking to change the look of what you currently own, selecting the right cabinet hardware enables you to make a unique design statement. Continue reading “Jewelry for Your Kitchen and Bath”