Common Mistakes Renovating Older Homes

Many owners of older homes mistakenly believe that they can be their own designer, general contractor and trade P1110355specialists. HGTV, the DYI network, and other media outlets make the renovation process look effortless. Anyone who has undertaken a significant renovation knows it’s not, even if the project just involves adding a new coat of paint to your kitchen, bath or any other room in the house. Continue reading “Common Mistakes Renovating Older Homes”

Six Design Secrets for a More Enjoyable and Functional Kitchen

Great kitchen design combines both formcc_337 and function. From our design team, here are six tips for making your kitchen the envy of your neighborhood.
1. Choose Ceiling-High Cabinets
Ceiling-high cabinets are a great option for any kitchen, but they work especially well in smaller spaces. Cabinets that reach to the ceiling draw the eye upward, creating the illusion that the space is much larger than it actually is. Continue reading “Six Design Secrets for a More Enjoyable and Functional Kitchen”

The Center of Attention


2C5E2B98-EDCA-C181-AB64F164FB7C9503_blogimgWhenever we have the opportunity to design a new kitchen, we work to accomplish two main goals for our clients. First, the kitchen must be functionally superior – the workspace must address our client’s needs, preferences, desires and budgets. Depending on the client’s goals, functional requirements that must be considered range from countertop space required for meal preparation to storage requirements for utensils, small appliances, cutlery, plates, cookware, food and everything in between. Continue reading “The Center of Attention”

Designing Your Kitchen – Consider Intended Uses and Users


When designing your kitchen, it’s important to CB520012-FDD4-0D58-4624190A1101DE77consider who will be using the space and for what purposes. Many of our clients want to make their new kitchens kid friendly. For clients with younger children who will be active users of the kitchen we often recommend the following: Continue reading “Designing Your Kitchen – Consider Intended Uses and Users”